Dr. Uwe Bolls … 'Auschwitz' … Teaser Trailer

OK, da fehlen sogar mir fast die Worte. Bin gespannt, was das wird – die IMDb hat noch nicht einmal einen Eintrag zum Film, da hat Uwe schon den Trailer online … – und welches Medienecho Dr. Boll dieses Mal lostreten wird …

(Via @MoviezKult)

Update, 08.09. Dr. Boll hat sich auf Facebook wie folgt dazu geäußert:

"i made that movie back to back with bloodrayne and it will appear on IMDB soon.the point what a lot of the critics ignore in their hate articles about me is: that i made the movie because their is not one movie made what shows the holocaust what it real…ly was. a killing factory. all the movies made showed us the SPECI…AL people ….the heros ….. but nobody focused on the subject matter. this is what i do in my movie and i think in times where 50% of the planet basicly say THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST – i think its not so bad to show that AUSCHWITZ happened.bestuwe"

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